Brazil 5 Year Report - Header Image
Brazil Institute

Since the Brazil Institute at King’s College London was founded in 2008, it has pioneered the study of Brazilian culture and history as a concentrated subject area.

We were commissioned by the Institute to design a report reviewing their first five years’ achievements and looking forward to the next five years’ plans. They wanted the report to showcase the Institute, have a long shelf life, to engage with an external audience of interested parties and to aid in the recruitment of new staff and sponsors.

The result was a bright and lively celebration of the Brazil Institute. The design took on a geometric theme, inspired by the shape in the Brazilian flag, and used colours from the King’s palette that were closest to those of the flag. We used a mixture of King’s imagery and dramatic images of Brazil that we sourced from stock libraries.

Keen for the report to be an unusual size, the format was a little smaller than A4. It also featured a throw-out page in the centre spread, allowing for a stand-out spread of stats and infographics, as well as a timeline of milestones from the Brazil Institute’s first five years.

Brazil 5 Year Report - Cover
Brazil 5 Year Report - Spread 1
Brazil 5 Year Report - Spread 2
Brazil 5 Year Report - Spread 3
Brazil 5 Year Report - Spread 4