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The Modern Language Centre at King’s College London provides expert language tuition in the heart of London to both King’s students and the local professional and residential community. The classroom environment is enjoyable, informative, intense and fun. The MLC staff and teachers are highly approachable and students develop a strong rapport with their teachers. They see themselves as a type of United Nations – where culture and language meet.

We were asked to design a set of digital windows that would improve awareness of the Modern Language Centre, and also increase footfall into the Centre for general queries from the public. The windows needed to be engaging and eye catching, as well as functional to help promote the evening and Saturday courses on offer. A further consideration that had to be accounted for was that they complied with Westminster Council’s advertising guidelines.

We created a visual system featuring a central circle with themed illustrations around the outside. As the Centre sees itself as a place where culture and language meet, it was imperative to create an inclusive feeling that captured a global community. This was achieved through carefully considered illustrations and further reinforced by the circular system. The illustrations also helped to reflect the fun and enjoyable classroom environment the Centre prides itself on, as well as helping to capture the attention of passers-by.

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