Offshore Wind Potential New Leasing
Offshore Wind Potential New Leasing

The Crown Estate manages the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including leasing the seabed for cables, pipelines and renewable energy sources. With growing interest in renewable electricity production, The Crown Estate launched Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4, a tender process to bid for new offshore wind farm sites.

Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 began with an extensive 18-month pre-tender engagement process. The feedback collected was used to refine the new leasing proposals, taking into account environmental impacts and market needs. Before the launch of the final tender design, The Crown Estate wanted to communicate the extensive groundwork that had taken place to potential bidders.

We created a timeline that followed the development of the tender through the different stages, highlighting key stats to emphasise the extent of the consultation process. The timeline was presented as an engaging animation online, as well as a static version for web and print.

TCE - Offshore Wind Leasing Infographic