The Policy Institute
The Policy Institute

The Policy Institute is a department and school hosted by the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy at King’s College London. The Institute brings together experts from a wide variety of fields, with the goal of addressing and understanding complex policy problems.

With the arrival of a new director, came a new objective – planning where The Policy Institute should be in three years and how to get there. As part of this process it was decided that their current identity was outdated and no longer aligned to the King’s guidelines. The Policy Institute commissioned us to provide them with a brand new ‘look and feel’ that celebrated their strengths while conforming to the overall King’s identity. To communicate the Institute’s high level of expertise, the new look needed to convey a certain gravitas, while still looking modern and cutting edge.

We submitted three initial concepts and the guilloché pattern shown here was selected. It was liked because the pattern is traditionally used as a symbol of authenticity which, when combined with strong colours from the King’s palette, strikes a more contemporary note. It also represents the complex field the Institute operates in and the intensive nature of its research. 

We crafted various items including an identity toolkit to provide guidance on how users can create new collateral that will maintain a consistent look and feel. Other deliverables included: wall and lectern graphics, pop-up banners, social media collateral and PowerPoint templates.

Kings - The Policy Institute - Guidelines
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Kings - The Policy Institute - Document
Kings - The Policy Institute - Banners
Kings - The Policy Institute - Banner 1
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The Policy Institute has commissioned RF Design for a number of projects, both print and digital, and we’ve been delighted with the results every time.

George Murkin
Communications Manager, The Policy Institute

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