Societal Engagement
Societal Engagement

Societal engagement expresses Imperial’s commitment to sharing the wonder and importance of what they do. It is about how they engage with the public – including schools, patients and local communities – to ensure that their education and research benefits society.

To create a new visual identity that encompasses the key values at the heart of societal engagement that also visually captures their tone of voice. The new identity should work across a variety of materials in both print and digital landscapes.

Utilising the Imperial colour palette, we created a series of bright, contrasting STEM-themed patterns with a hand-drawn texture. Our intention was to create a warm, friendly feeling to combat the public perception of science as sometimes cold and distant. The patterns overlap to portray the connections Imperial is forming between the general public and the science community.

Societal Engagement Guidelines
Societal Engagement Document Covers
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Societal Engagement Online Resources
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